Rumored Buzz on sour straws mango tango br sour straw by bazooka

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Enter the opposite baggage area following the doorway shuts on you. Climb the ladder, then make use of the staircase on the right to succeed in an Workplace. Enter the Business to find a cellular phone.

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WELCOME! You should Verify YOUR AGE. I'm 21+ Several years Outdated OR EXIT By clicking through and gonna you concur you are at least 21 yrs previous or the authorized minimal age to invest in tobacco goods in your jurisdiction. In addition, you agree that you will not resell any product or service(s) you buy from, and you also recognize that you will be strictly prohibited from distributing any different nicotine product to any person under the minimal lawful age.

Proceed once the sniper, and wander across the beam without the need of slipping. Glimpse to the ideal immediately after crossing the beam to find a cellphone.

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As soon as previous the courtyard, comply with Vespa, and cross the stability beam. There's a cellphone on a chair as soon as you cross the beam.

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Enter the backstage space. Climb the red measures with black and yellow marks. Search for the remaining to find a telephone.

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